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What exactly is a Timberline Saddle?

Timberline starts with a saddle tree made in their own tree factory. A perfect saddle tree is the basis for a perfect saddle. Our tree makers have over 17 years experience crafting trees that will work for our saddles.

They start with solid SPF wood which is tooled on a machine so each tree is exact. This ensures that the tree will fit the same each time we make a saddle. The epoxy resin ground seat is set in place and they encase the entire tree in fiberglass. This locks in the strength and durability. Once your tree is completed, they begin crafting your custom saddle.

Timberline uses only the highest-grade USA cowhides. No lesser grade leathers are ever used. The cowhide for your saddle is dyed in their own vats to ensure consistent depth of color, then their master carvers tool and/or carve your saddle. They use top quality foams to design the perfect seat that will last the lifetime of the saddle and give you a fit that will be comfortable for hours of riding and will also be the envy of friends!

Every piece of leather is fitted to the tree until the top of the saddle is finished. Then comes the part that makes our saddles different from all others: Timberline's specially designed panel system that adjusts to fit your individual animals without fatiguing.

Each step in constructing your saddle takes time and patience... the results are worth the wait!

What is the panel system and how does it work?
The panel system is made of a high polymer acetate. This space age product has the ability to flex and bend in all temperatures without taking a permanent shape. The single panel is encased in our special recipe of comfort materials between a cowhide leather top tooled to match your saddle and a real sheepskin fleece or micro-incorporated fiber bottom (depending on the model of your saddle and your wishes). It is then mounted to the bottom of the saddle tree in such a way that allows the panels to change pitch to accommodate for a higher wither, rounder top line, or for those shoulders that are fully developed. The panels move every time the animal takes a step, conforming with each stride thus allowing greater weight distribution that a traditional saddle just can't offer! Any saddle can be made to fit a horse standing still... but who rides an animal standing still?

We are able to fit about 95% of the horse/mule world with this system. There are some animals that no one can fit!

What choices do I get in my custom saddle?
Timberline is not your ordinary saddle company. They are a "full custom" saddlery. A better question may be: "What can't I do?" There is option upon option, and options within options. Here is a just a sampling of what you get to choose from: many models, different horns or no horn, leather color(s), fender types, tooling and carving, choice of silver, choice of stirrups and more! You can even choose thread color and type of hardware.

As long as it does not interfere with the function and/or quality of the saddle, we are limited only by your imagination!

Why Does only offer Timberline FLEX panel saddles?

The owners of are Jack & Lisa Emory. They have been riding FLEX panel saddles since 1998. They started with two Tempi All Arounds made by the original Ortho-flex company when it was owned by Len Brown. Their first saddles were purchased from Gary & Jill, former Ortho-flex dealers in Washington state. After seeing what a huge difference it made in their horses, Jack & Lisa knew they had to share these saddles with others. After Ortho-flex was sold to new owners and moved to Arkansas, several of the former employees from the original Ortho-flex company started Timberline Saddle Company in Nevada, MO. Once Jack & Lisa saw the excellent quality leather and fine workmanship put out by Timberline, at an affordable price, the decision was easy as to the manufacturer they wanted to work with. After first personally testing and riding the saddles for a year , they can confidently tell you "A Timberline saddle will make a positive difference in your safety and the relationship you have with your horse through better saddle fit." "Better saddle fit equals better communication because the horse is no longer distracted by pain or discomfort."

How do I contact someone to order a saddle? is an Authorized Dealer for Timberline Saddle Co LLC of Nevada, MO. We are trained to advise you on the best saddle to fit your needs and those of your horse or mule. always has saddles in stock for immediate purchase or we are more than happy to help you create and order that special "Saddle of your Dreams!" Call 406 961-1363 or we love to talk horses and saddles! Your questions are welcomed! Hard to fit horses are our specialty!

How do I know what kind of saddle is right for me?
If you're reading this, you love to ride, that's a given! Some prefer the great outdoors and trail riding a scenic route with a group of friends. Others hunger for the speed and stamina of endurance. Possibly it's a show ring or arena you frequent, doing dressage, hunter/jumper, western pleasure, roping or other speed events. Timberline has a saddle for every need and every speed. can help you decide if you need help or will be happy to mix and match to come up with the perfect saddle for you!

From the darling pony that carries our babies and grand-babies to the long-eared mules that we love, all the way up to the high-stepping draft breeds, whether they are gaited or walk, trot and canter, none are too small nor too tall - we have something to fit them all!

Timberline makes saddles that will suit your needs and those of your equine friend. We specialize in some very unique saddles that you won't find anywhere else in the saddle industry. Click on "Shop Our Online Store" to see our current inventory or call us to start building your "Dream Saddle"!



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